June 12, 2015

CoversSo I think it’s about time to talk about the track listing for my forthcoming solo album. The album itself has a couple of working titles, so I wont confirm that yet, and the artwork is still being worked on. Mike Clink (he of Appetite For Destruction fame, yes!) has all the tracks and is working on the mixes while Erik and I tour Europe with Billy Idol. But what I can talk about are the five songs I chose to cover and the five original tracks on the record. The covers are tracks that are not particularly well known, but hopefully anyone finding out about them through this record will go back and hunt down the originals – they are all responsible for inspiring me, provoking the feeling that I try so hard to keep now…..the one we get when we hear a particular riff, or a soaring chorus, and it just makes us want to smash things/learn to play an instrument/scream from the rooftops. These were all songs that for one reason or another made a huge impact on me when I was younger. The five covers are:

3. HOUSEWIFE (WASTED YOUTH – the UK band, not the US band)

The five original titles are:


No release date has been set but it will be released this year. All the plans and details are being discussed between Erik and I and when we have the finished product from Mike we will decide how best to get this record out to you all. Its an exciting and very home-grown project that Im glad I decided to do – more info as and when I get it.



June 5, 2015

FFL-NickSomewhere in the very early 80′s (1982 I believe) I heard that ex Wasted Youth guitarist Rocco Barker had formed a new band with a singer/songwriter named Nick Marsh​ – the band was called Flesh for Lulu​ and I went to some shit-hole venue in London to see them play. Before a record deal, before a large cult following…… I watched the band that night and instantly fell in love. They became friends, inspirations, and a creative force in my life that has never left me. This morning we lost Nick. My heart is heavy, my prayers are with his family and friends, but above all, I am eternally grateful to Nick for providing me with a soundtrack to my life. I will never forget him, his voice, his music and the profound effect he had on me. The last time I saw Nick was last year. We hung out together with his bandmate Mark Bishop​ at my hotel in London, talked music, life, uplifting ideas, plans…….. it is a beautiful memory. When it came time to leave, we hugged, smiled and said our goodbyes. I miss him.

YellowBrickRoad-sizedIt’s an unusual situation to find myself in – where I can actually help or give back by using work that I have created. But it is one that makes me feel somewhat useful and with purpose. In a business that is primarily based on ego (I dont give a shit what anyone says, standing on a stage and playing music is not rocket science and is not changing the world) it’s nice to find a creative avenue that CAN help in a small way. While I absolutely love my job, my career and the amazing life I have, I do believe that it is the responsibility of the people that get to do things like that for a living to find ways to give back. To look for opportunities that they can be involved with – and that brings me to my painting. I have already auctioned a few pieces for various causes, and I now need your help with another one. A true OG face in Los Angeles, Mr Bobby Carlton, has found himself in an all too familiar situation: After a lifetime in the entertainment business and being a beacon of sobriety in the community, he has medical issues. And yet again, after that kind of career, financially he is being tapped out. So this is where we can all step up, help out, and ensure that the good people get the help they need and deserve. So I want to auction another painting – this time its one of the first grenades I ever painted – “Yellow Brick Road” 18″ x 24″ Acrylic on Canvas, framed in a black frame. EMAIL ME at with your bids and the highest bid on friday morning will be the winner. The winner will have to pay the shipping costs. Every cent of the winning bid will go to Bobby’s campaign to help him get the treatment he needs. YOU CAN FIND OUT MORE ABOUT BOBBY AND HIS SITUATION BY CLICKING HERE. All bids to and I will announce the winner Friday.


April 18, 2015

SeattleShowboxOK so to answer just a few of the questions that I am getting right now…….. I will be releasing a solo album later this year. The concept is an album called “Ideas And Inspirations” – half the album will be original material and half will be covers of songs that were incredibly important to me for one reason or another when I was just beginning to hone my craft and starting to believe that a career in music was possible. None of the covers are huge, massive well-known hits……. I chose songs that were album tracks, or particular songs that were one-off releases, but that really hit home to me for any number of reasons……. and mostly by bands that you may not know……. bands that made me feel like I had discovered something for myself. The original material are tracks that I have co-written with friends, and not for any reason other than to collaborate with people in my life that are important to me. My partner in crime for this record is Erik Eldenius​, who plays drums with me in the Billy Idol band. And I’m sure that one or two friends may end up playing or singing a few things along the way. As with everything I do, I have no idea about when, where or how this thing will come out yet. All I am sure about is the “why” – and that is because music is important to me, and my relationships with friends, , colleagues, peers and other bands and songs are strong enough reason to record music and share it with the world. More details (probably including the track listing) next month.


April 11, 2015

MorrisonPortrait2As many of you know, my friend and singer of seminal goth band FLESH FOR LULU, Nick Marsh has been battling cancer. At one point he was in remission and was fighting hard to bring Flesh For Lulu back to the US for some shows. Being a huge fan of the band, and having been greatly inspired by them, I supported that effort and believe that we will still get to that goal in the end. But sometimes Life throws us all a curveball and we have to change the plan. Nick’s cancer has returned and he has just spent time in a London hospital getting the treatment he needs. He is the ultimate fighter and he is doing what he does best right now – fighting. But as a musician, he receives no sick pay and needs a little bit of help with the huge costs associated with battling this disease. Please CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT NICKS CANCER FUND.

MorrisonDetailA friend of mine, Greg Hutting, who has actually bought paintings of mine (one of which helped the Flesh For Lulu fund) asked me if he could paint a portrait of me that we could perhaps sell to help Nick, and of course I said yes. But the end result is just so much better than I think either of us hoped. This unique, one-off painting is Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Canvas and is 16″ x 20″. I will be posting throughout the week about this but the person who bids the highest by midnight PST next Friday 17th April will win this painting. ALL of the money will be donated to the Marsh Family Cancer Fund. ANY and ALL bids HAVE to be emailed directly to me – – and the winning bid needs to be paid via PAYPAL within 24 hours of the close of auction. All questions and requests for more info can be directed to me at the same email address. I’m stunned at how well this came out, and we have decided that along with the artist signature on the front, I will write a personal message on the back to the person who wins this auction. The painting will be shipped out to the winning bidder next weekend. And with that, I am going to open the bidding at $500. Do I hear $550?



January 6, 2015

I’m happy to announce that SportBikes Inc Magazine and Blink Gallery in Philadelphia will be hosting “An Evening Of Art And Music” on January 23rd – a selection of my Fine Art pieces will be on display and available for purchase, and I will perform a few acoustic songs during the evening. For more information […]

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December 9, 2014

Here I am with a little bit of time on my hands, in my hotel in Portland. So what better way to kill some time than to reflect on whats been going on, and whats in my immediate future. To start with, this coming Friday Dec 12th, both Dave Navarro and I will be giving […]

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October 6, 2014

Things are starting to heat up rather nicely in this latter part of 2014. I’ve been working hard to prepare for my first art show – happening at The Village Recording Studios in West Los Angeles on Sunday October 26th at 6pm. I got together with fellow LA artsist Joey Feldman and we created a […]

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September 29, 2014

I’m happy to say that both pieces of art that I offered to commission have now been sold, and the money donated to the Flesh For Lulu IndieGoGo campaign. For details, read the post below. I’m happy to have been able to help the band, and I look forward to seeing them get the rest […]

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September 9, 2014

UPDATE: One of the two commissioned pieces I am going to paint has been sold now. I will do one more at this price if you contact me within the next 7 days and add the money to the IndieGoGo campaign below. So when I lived in the UK, way back in the midst of […]

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