September 9, 2014

FleshSo when I lived in the UK, way back in the midst of time, somewhere in the 80′s…..when I was completely fucked up on drugs and floating aimlessly through the musical cosmos…..when I needed something post punk to live for….. Flesh For Lulu came along. I hung around the band, saw countless shows up and down the country, thumbed rides around Europe to go see them play there….. the songs that Nick wrote spoke to me. The vibe was honest and heartfelt, and the band had an extremely big impact on me as a songwriter and a music lover. And then I read about a crowd-funding campaign to help the band get over to the US and play some shows, all these years later, because Nick has been battling cancer. CLICK HERE FOR THE FLESH FOR LULU CROWD FUNDING CAMPAIGN.

PunkGrenadeWebMy heart went out to him, and then I thought of all those shows, those years that Flesh For Lulu made me happy. It made me want to help them (and him) achieve that goal – it makes me wanna actually do something that will help the campaign. So I had an idea. My ‘grenade’ pieces of art have sold well this year and people seem to like them – SO….. I’ve decided I will paint TWO small grenades (in any color you want) and donate all the money to this crowd-funding campaign. The pieces will be 11″ x 14″ and while they normally sell for over $1000 each at that size, I will paint these next two grenades specifically for you, at $500 plus shipping each. The first two people to email me at info@billymorrison.net and actually PAY (!!!) will help me help Nick and Flesh For Lulu. So if you have been eying my art and thinking about getting an original piece, you will get to choose your color scheme and get one of my acrylic on canvas paintings at a significantly lower price. Help me help them and get the campaign $1000 closer to completion. And I can guarantee that if we all help them get to US shores, the shows will be TONS of fun – a great band and a great frontman with a unique voice. Come on – let me paint something for ya!! And if you can’t afford one of these two pieces, or you miss the boat (cos Im only gonna do two), you can STILL help by re-posting their campaign link. Spread the word on Social Media and help some friends of mine get back on US stages.

Inside View

September 6, 2014

InsideViewWebAdI’m really excited to tell you that on September 19th at 12.00pm P.S.T. I will be releasing my first ever Fine Art print – a collaboration with my friend and fellow Los Angeles artist, Joey Feldman. This archival fine art giclee print will be available to purchase in two sizes on September 19th. Someone asked me a few months ago why I painted skulls, naked women and hand grenades, and my reply was quick and honest – it was an ‘inside view’ of my mind! The prints will be on Somerset Velvet stock 255gsm paper and will be available in two sizes. Each size will be limited to fifty prints. The smaller size of 18″ x 24″ will be $75 and the larger size of 24″ x 36″ will be $175. There will not be a re-press of the red edition so when these prints are gone, they are gone. Check back on my BRAND NEW ART SITE – BILLYMORRISONART.COM or on JOEYFELDMAN.COM at 12.00pm P.S.T. on September 19th. The original work, painted and drawn by us will be on display at a forthcoming gallery show. Details will be announced soon.


August 31, 2014

IceNudeTriptychWow – two updates in one month….. I must be gravitating back to this site! It’s a quiet Sunday for me in Los Angeles and I’m taking the opportunity to write this entry and fill you in on whats been going on and what’s coming up soon. The artwork has taken priority for me for a few weeks as I have decided to do a show here in Los Angeles in the next few months. Of course there will be details posted here when I have them – right now I am concentrating on gathering my body of work together and theming the pieces so that they make sense to me. I’m happy with the progress and truly love the process of painting…..my mind is quiet, no one else is involved, and I can do whatever I want….. very calming and therapy for the soul if you ask me.

IdolMorrisonMusic is kicking back in rather heavily now as we approach the release date of the new Billy Idol album and I’m excited for you all to hear it. The first single, “Can’t Break Me Down” is available now on I-Tunes and BillyIdol.Net and the album, called “Kings And Queens Of The Underground” will be released on Oct 21st. I’m proud of the songs I was involved with and honored that Steve and Billy embraced my input….. we spent a lot of time together just the three of us, holed up in Steve’s studio, and I think the end result is one of true collaboration – and the whole process was a fantastic experience. Tour dates for a return to Europe have been announced (see below) and more touring will be announced very soon.

Gallery1Also, I’m looking forward to seeing my Royal Machines compadres very soon – a couple of private shows (yeah, sorry guys….. right now they are not ticketed events) on the calendar in a couple of weeks time. Although we don’t get to tell you ahead of time what the shows are, rest assured a full recap with pictures will be posted up at WWW.ROYALMACHINESMUSIC.COM. It’s been a minute since we were all together, because we’ve all been so busy this year. But it’s always so easy and fun when we get back on a stage together – and stand by (hopefully) for some end-of-year news soon. We are working on it!! For now, stay tuned, have a great weekend and I’ll see you out there very soon.

November 5 – Birmingham, UK. O2 Academy United Kingdom
November 9 – London, UK. Eventim Apollo Hammersmith United Kingdom
November 10 – Manchester, UK. O2 Apollo United Kingdom
November 12 – Stuttgart, DE. Porsche Arena Germany
November 13 – Frankfurt, DE. Jahrhunderthalle Germany
November 16 – Amsterdam, NL. Heineken Music Hall Netherlands
November 18 – Dusseldorf, DE. Mitsubishi Electric Halle Germany
November 19 – Brussels, BE. Royal Circus Belgium
November 21 – Nuremberg, DE. Arena Germany
November 22 – Lucern, CH. Messe Lucerne Switzerland
November 23 – Milan, IT. Fabrique Italy


August 11, 2014

PurpleHazeI took a lengthy break from this website for no particular reason – Twitter and Instagram kinda took over and I felt there was no need to constantly update the site. But now that the artwork is taking off a little, I figured I would use this site as a place to direct people that are interested in my work. The response this year has been amazing (thank you all!!) and so you can CLICK HERE TO VIEW CURRENTLY AVAILABLE WORKS or simply use the MORRISON ART button on the Nav Bar of this site – and I will now be keeping it all updated with new pieces as I do them.


GangOfFourIn other news it seems we are headed back to Europe in November with some already announced UK shows and some European ones to follow soon. Keep an eye on BillyIdol.Net for all touring details. Royal Machines have some ‘under the radar’ dates this summer, along with a pretty amazing weekend in Vegas in October being announced soon. Thats one pair of shows I am looking forward to! And lastly, see the flyer below – I agreed to help celebrate The Viper Room’s 21st Birthday and gathered a few friends together to rock for your delectation and delight this coming Saturday Aug 16th at the world famous club. There will also be a couple of surprise appearances, but why tell you everything……. get a ticket and come see the show. Then you can say “I was there when…..” – So here we go again – check out the artwork, email any enquiries to info@billymorrison.net and have a great summer. I’ll see you out on the road very soon.



May 12, 2014

goldtopThese days, having a regularly updated blog gets surpassed by the immediacy of Twitter for me. By the time I get around to thinking about writing a blog entry, I realize that I’ve tweeted my thoughts to death and its all old news! But I still find occasion to sit down and put fingers on keys and this morning is one of those moments. Life is, by definition, full of ups and downs. And while the ‘downs’ area of my life is definitely in effect from time to time, the ‘ups’ section needs reflecting on – having gratitude is important to my spiritual wellbeing, and boy do I have some shit to be grateful for right now.

OzzBillyTo start with, one of my closest friends, Ozzy, gets honored at the MusiCare Awards in downtown Los Angeles tonight. And I will be taking part in the celebrations by playing guitar with him in a five song set. The band is his own rhythm section of Tommy and Blasko on drums and bass, and then myself and Dave Navarro on guitars, with Slash joining us for the last song. Just seeing Ozz have this night is such an amazing feeling – he’s an incredible man and deserves to be honored. And to play with him and the others is something I am truly grateful for…… we ran the songs last night and the whole thing sounded ridiculously heavy. I’m looking forward to tonight.

IdolMorrisonAnd at the same time, we have begun rehearsals for the 2014 Billy Idol touring – we start with dates in Europe next month, and I feel a huge sense of gratitude every day as I walk into our room, see Steve, Erik, McG and Paul, and realize I get to play guitar with these dudes all day, every day, on songs that shaped my life (and now also on songs that I co-wrote with Billy and Steve) – it’s a blast! I will be writing my usual Tour Diary over on billyidol.net so I wont go into loads of detail here, but I will say that the band sounds incredibly tight right now, and we are working up quite a few tracks from the new album into the set which is a lot of fun. Figuring out parts and sounds and weaving the sonic tapestries into a cohesive, live, rocking version of the song – it’s stuff that I never even dreamed of as a kid.

Gallery1And finally, Royal Machines started the year with a few great shows, a new website, and a positive vibe. There is a love and respect between us all that feels good – and a musical connection that has been obvious at the first few shows. We all enjoyed rehearsing up new songs to cover, and Mark and Josh have been a riot to work with – constant laughter, and an understanding of what it is we do with this band. It’s for enjoyment. It’s to get OUR rocks off playing songs we like, with people we like. It’s to give back a little at the charity shows we do. And above all it’s for fun – to recapture that feeling we all had when we were kids and learning our favorite songs. We get to do that and feel that again. THAT translates to an audience and the fun that WE are having up there is contagious!! That’s the point of Royal Machines, and so far we are achieving our goal.

SmokeSo today, the blog has served its purpose – to help me get in touch with the gratitude that is so important to recognize. No matter where you are in life, it is always so much easier to focus on what we DON’T have, or what is NOT going well for us – we are good at whining and complaining and comparing and judging…….at least I am…….but what is necessary for me is to take a moment regularly and recognize the good. See just how lucky I am, or how really I am always taken care of, how mostly its all part of a bigger plan that I really don’t have fuck all to do with – and that way I can truly enjoy the moments, instead of worrying or stressing about the next thing. Live in the moment and be thankful for the good bits. Seems like a good way to live to me.


January 28, 2014

Well – after ten years as Camp Freddy, it was time to move on, re-tool, and do it all over again! We’re moving forward with Royal Machines – Myself, Dave Navarro, Donovan Leitch, Josh Freese, Mark McGrath and Chris Chaney – same fun shows, same great guest appearances, and hopefully another ten years of mad, […]

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January 16, 2014

There is absolutely nothing like the ocean for inspiring me to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys as the case may be) – and as I write this first Blog entry of 2014, full of inspiration and resolve, the sun is just starting to creep up over the mountains of Maui and my […]

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December 1, 2013

Yep – two months since I updated this site and during that time I have made 32 flights, 16 countries and more hotels than I care to think about. Just the way I like it! I’m typing this in the lounge at London Heathrow on a layover from Paris to London, and to be honest, […]

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September 2, 2013

This wednesday evening at 7.00pm PST (10pm EST), actor and all around nice guy Mr Eddie McClintock will be our guest on my radio/TV show “Dirty Little Secrets”. And I for one am very excited to have Eddie on the show. As a huge fan of the hit SyFy Network show, “Warehouse 13″, it’s an […]

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