April 18, 2015

SeattleShowboxOK so to answer just a few of the questions that I am getting right now…….. I will be releasing a solo album later this year. The concept is an album called “Ideas And Inspirations” – half the album will be original material and half will be covers of songs that were incredibly important to me for one reason or another when I was just beginning to hone my craft and starting to believe that a career in music was possible. None of the covers are huge, massive well-known hits……. I chose songs that were album tracks, or particular songs that were one-off releases, but that really hit home to me for any number of reasons……. and mostly by bands that you may not know……. bands that made me feel like I had discovered something for myself. The original material are tracks that I have co-written with friends, and not for any reason other than to collaborate with people in my life that are important to me. My partner in crime for this record is Erik Eldenius​, who plays drums with me in the Billy Idol band. And I’m sure that one or two friends may end up playing or singing a few things along the way. As with everything I do, I have no idea about when, where or how this thing will come out yet. All I am sure about is the “why” – and that is because music is important to me, and my relationships with friends, , colleagues, peers and other bands and songs are strong enough reason to record music and share it with the world. More details (probably including the track listing) next month.

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