June 5, 2015

FFL-NickSomewhere in the very early 80′s (1982 I believe) I heard that ex Wasted Youth guitarist Rocco Barker had formed a new band with a singer/songwriter named Nick Marsh​ – the band was called Flesh for Lulu​ and I went to some shit-hole venue in London to see them play. Before a record deal, before a large cult following…… I watched the band that night and instantly fell in love. They became friends, inspirations, and a creative force in my life that has never left me. This morning we lost Nick. My heart is heavy, my prayers are with his family and friends, but above all, I am eternally grateful to Nick for providing me with a soundtrack to my life. I will never forget him, his voice, his music and the profound effect he had on me. The last time I saw Nick was last year. We hung out together with his bandmate Mark Bishop​ at my hotel in London, talked music, life, uplifting ideas, plans…….. it is a beautiful memory. When it came time to leave, we hugged, smiled and said our goodbyes. I miss him.

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