June 1, 2015

YellowBrickRoad-sizedIt’s an unusual situation to find myself in – where I can actually help or give back by using work that I have created. But it is one that makes me feel somewhat useful and with purpose. In a business that is primarily based on ego (I dont give a shit what anyone says, standing on a stage and playing music is not rocket science and is not changing the world) it’s nice to find a creative avenue that CAN help in a small way. While I absolutely love my job, my career and the amazing life I have, I do believe that it is the responsibility of the people that get to do things like that for a living to find ways to give back. To look for opportunities that they can be involved with – and that brings me to my painting. I have already auctioned a few pieces for various causes, and I now need your help with another one. A true OG face in Los Angeles, Mr Bobby Carlton, has found himself in an all too familiar situation: After a lifetime in the entertainment business and being a beacon of sobriety in the community, he has medical issues. And yet again, after that kind of career, financially he is being tapped out. So this is where we can all step up, help out, and ensure that the good people get the help they need and deserve. So I want to auction another painting – this time its one of the first grenades I ever painted – “Yellow Brick Road” 18″ x 24″ Acrylic on Canvas, framed in a black frame. EMAIL ME at with your bids and the highest bid on friday morning will be the winner. The winner will have to pay the shipping costs. Every cent of the winning bid will go to Bobby’s campaign to help him get the treatment he needs. YOU CAN FIND OUT MORE ABOUT BOBBY AND HIS SITUATION BY CLICKING HERE. All bids to and I will announce the winner Friday.

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