As week two of the European rehearsals comes to a close, I can finally say that I am feeling ready to do this. Jeremy and I have been playing catch up, as the other guys have obviously played most of these songs a thousand times before. But we have been focused and working hard and I think we both finally feel that we have it nailed….. that we know what we’re doing and it feels good. The vibe in the rehearsal room on Friday was great, even though the decision was made not to do the two secret shows in Hollywood – we absolutely need to focus on the final week of rehearsals next week, and pulling everything down to go do those gigs would have been the wrong move.

The good news is that everyone can come down to the Palladium show in August and we will hit that show hard! Personally, I have loved working on a couple of Generation X songs throughout this process. Coming from Bromley (the same suburb of London that BFI hails from) and having watched Gen X perform waaay back in the day, I feel an affinity to those songs that is pretty special. So to get the opportunity to play them in this band feels good, and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning them and making them sound as true to the original works as I can. I think fans of Billy Idol are really going to enjoy this tour – the song selection is diverse and interesting. Of course we have the huge songs that we all know and love in the set, but we have also worked up a few suprises that will get thrown in occasionally to spice things up and change it around. So be prepared…..

Finally, for all you gear heads out there (trust me, if you don’t play guitar, you can skip to the last paragraph of this entry cos yer gonna get bored right about now!!!), my guitar rack is completed and is firing on all cylinders – the Radial JX44 is at the hub of my rack, switching and distributing the different wireless guitars to two different Marshall heads, but not before the signal runs through some tasty Boss pedals, a bit of Line 6 rack gear (the delay….. its easy to use and sounds great) and a Bradshaw switcher and Rocktron All Access controller to program all the patches and presets for the songs. The guitar line up is as follows for this tour: Les Paul Morrison model prototype with Cream and Black Union Jack (main guitar), two LP Standards in Burst finish, a Gold Top, and a Black Classic for whole step down.

I TOLD you you’d fall asleep if you don’t play guitar! Anyway, welcome back……and that’s pretty much it from me. It’s an honor to be writing this diary and although I have no idea if anyone is even reading it, it’s pretty cathartic for me, and will probably get more intimate as the tour progresses. One more week and then the gear gets shipped to Europe. That’s gonna be a well-deserved vacation week for everyone, before we jump on the plane to the first gig. Roll on Russia – we’ll see you all very soon.

Billy Morrison