This was the last night of Rachel Stamp’s tour and we knew that our managers were coming down from London with Mr Record Company Person so tonight’s gig was one we knew would be cool. But before anything could happen, we had to get there, which would seem a simple task to most people ( London to Bristol…….2 hours, max ). But not to Stimulator. Oh No!! Getting all the band and crew in one place on time was the first major hurdle to overcome. Then the M4 traffic driving at 10mph, with accidents closing all three lanes and a diversion to Slough came next. Then the map reading department fell asleep, so we arrived shaken, but not stirred about two hours late. A fine start. But things picked up quickly, and our sound-check was good, and we all felt we had what we needed in our monitors.

The usual milling about was made slightly more interesting by the arrival of our managers and Mr R.C.P, but after all the usual chat, we sat about until it was time to play. The set felt really good, and because we had brought a soundman with us, people said afterwards that the out-front sound was good too. Two broken strings, one dropped guitar, and 35 minutes later, and we were offstage and drying off. Rachel Stamp played brilliantly, and Terry and I joined them onstage for their encore of Motorhead’s “Please Don’t Touch” which ended up with David on my shoulders, and most of Stamps equipment getting trashed. A typical end-of- tour scene, but really good fun to be a part of, although everyone in both bands wished we had been able to do more dates together.

Stimulator now do a couple more shows of their own, (one at The Borderline in London on 29 April – our first ever London headline!! ) before starting the Pist.On tour the next day. Highlight of the day was definitely the encore with the Stamp people, and the lowlight has got to be a two hour late arrival at the venue. One day, our tour manager will realise that we have to leave a week early, to get to a show on time!!