Jason’s place is so nice. If I could afford somewhere like that in the centre of London, then I would be in paradise. Having nothing around would drive me nuts – that’s why it would have to be in town, but the house itself is built around a swimming pool….. an indoor heated pool in the centre of your house, for fucks sake!! So needless to say, after a few cups of caffeine and intravenous nicotine, we are all smiling and on our way to eat before driving to Cheltenham. We eat in this pub by a river – massive plates of food, really nice, sunny…..shit, I’m gonna move to the country and become an eccentric musician ( as opposed to living in London and being an eccentric musician?).

The venue tonight is not a new one for us – we played it on the One Minute Silence tour last year, but all we remember about it is the load in…….a massive crane/winch type affair, where you stand helpless at the bottom of the stairs, while you watch your really expensive, one of a kind, much loved and cherished flight-case full of amps, effects etc dangling in mid air, while two disinterested humpers work out how to pull it all the way to the top!! Oh yes, and it starts to rain just as we begin to load in…..fantastic! Sound-check is good and Burton (Pist.On guitarist) and myself busy ourselves talking to the kids that have come to see both bands. Its a fairly good turn out and by the time we go on, its looking good, but most people stand around the edge, so I try to get people into the middle of the venue. It seems to work and by the beginning of Modern Primitives, we have a decent audience, with two or three nutcase kids throwing themselves around at the front. I love the fact that they didn’t care what everyone else was doing, but had a good time anyway. These are the kids that keep rock music alive.

We played well tonight and I personally was pleased with the performance, so I leave Cheltenham completely shattered but happy. See you in London.