If we could make show days as relaxed as today, we would be laughing. To start with, we stayed in a hotel last night, which means that everyone is able to shower in the morning and no weird smells permeate the van. Then the fact that everyone is able to eat a breakfast helps. And Dan, our tech for this tour and myself are able to get all the guitars out and restring them with no stress at all. By the time we are done, everyone has eaten and we are all in the van and on our way down to Nottingham, where the plan is to stay with our friends, Pitchshifter, who all have houses there, and have kindly said we can stay over, as we are playing in Manchester tomorrow.

So a quick meeting decides that we are going to stop for food in the Lake District, which is on our way back. The first hundred miles is pretty boring – a movie in the van and loads of service station cuisine. But by about five o’clock, we hit the lakes, and Ive never been there before, so its all incredibly beautiful to me. Living in London, we tend to live a life that is actually quite ugly and devoid of natural beauty, but we don’t realise it until we are presented with a view like the ones today. Although I am, by nature, a city person, a day like today, with all the unspoilt landscapes, waterfalls and lakes does me a world of good and puts things into some perspective for me ( until the next computer crash, at least!! ). Then its back in the van again, which now seems a little smaller than it did this morning, and onwards to Nottingham and civilization again. Some of the guys stay with friends, but me and Rob decide to get a hotel again which proves a good choice, as we find a small place that does a full English breakfast as well, for £20. Bargain!