So the first thing that greets me this morning as I’m checking out of my luxury four star Virgin Hotel is a bill for £7.90 for the ham sandwich that I had when I arrived last night. £7.90 for a sandwich? No wonder Branson is a multi-millionaire. Anyway, the four hours sleep that I got, worked out at £20.00 per hour – the most expensive kip I’ve ever had! We get back to Nottingham and our rendezvous with the rest of the guys at bang on 11.00am and we set off for bonnie Scotland on time. Jason’s wife, Suvi is with us for these first two shows, so the best behaviour is rolled out and the burps and farts are tempered slightly. We watch Madonna, in Body Of Evidence, which is a mildly entertaining “Hollywood” type affair, also starring William Dafoe. I comment that the only time she’s not wooden is in the scenes where she’s getting laid. It passes the time, as does more fiddling, with my headphones on, with the track I was working on yesterday. Its fast becoming very dance/Junkie XL/very different/very not Stimulator, but it sounds cool so I’ll keep playing with it.

Finally, after nearly seven hours in the van, we pull up outside The Cathouse. And it immediately becomes “night of the hats!”. The moment I get out of the van, two girls who were at our last Glasgow show present me with a hat each. One is a woollen beanie, and the other is a massive top hat with bells all over it – joker style. What are these girls trying to say?

Tempers fray slightly during sound-check, probably due to everyone being tired, but it all gets sorted out and we end up happy. I spend most of the time before we go on talking to the kids that have come to see us and they are amazing. No worries about being cool or trendy. The further north you go, the more the kids seem to be relaxed and actually into the MUSIC. The gig is ok – a few hundred people show up and we play well. A couple of broken strings, but nothing like last night!! We all seem to be happy when we come off and once we pack all the equipment down and into the van, I get a chance to talk with the kids and watch the whole of Pist.On’s set, and I must say they are crushing. I watch every song and the kids like them too. I think that this bill is really good, with both bands being compatible with each other, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the shows. Tonight, we all have a hotel – I just hope its not going to cost me a tenner for beans on fucking toast.