So this was the day that we had all been waiting for – the first time that Stimulator had played a headline show in London. I woke up early and felt no different to any other day, but by the time I was to walk onstage, I would be shaking with excitement. But first had to come the boring stuff of loading the van and getting everyone to the venue on time. And miracle of miracles, we were pulling up at The Borderline dead on three o’clock – right on time. This must have been a good omen! The rest of the afternoon seemed to go by really quickly. Because it was our show, we had brought in our own lighting rig and soundman, and it took most of the day to set it all up and get a good sound going. Stuart, one of our managers turned up to hang out and make sure everything was ok, and it felt really good to have the whole team working to get our show looking and sounding the best it possibly could. By the time our food showed up, it was an hour from doors open, and we were done. The two other bands, Liberty 37, and Kane, did their sound checks whilst we ate, and both bands sounded great. The guys from Metal Hammer turned up to put all the banners and posters up, and all we needed was an audience!!

I went out for about half an hour and came back just as the doors were being opened, and walked straight into a whole bunch of people waiting to get in. To get in to our show…….Fucking Hell!!! Things were looking good. I tried not to keep counting the people walking in, and disappeared into the dressing room, just after spotting the guy from the Yellow Pages TV advert ( you know…….”You don’t wanna see what they’ve done to your bathroom!”) walking down the stairs and into the club.

Ten o’clock rolled around, and we got called from the dressing room and told we were on….NOW! We could hear the James Bond theme playing as our intro music, and my stomach was doing some kind of spanish dance…..and then it was all ok. We were up there, looking at over a few hundred people and I knew we were going to be alright. We played for 45 minutes, and did most of the stuff from the album, and it felt fantastic. I could sense that the lights looked amazing, and the sound seemed insanely loud. All too quickly it was over. The cheers were brilliant, and we did our cover of The Damned’s New Rose as an encore, with Jim from Pitchshifter and David from Rachel Stamp getting up to handle guitars and vocals respectively. And that was it. All over. We all stayed around in the club, talking to people and hanging out until it was time to leave. Thanks to everyone who came down tonight – and thanks to Liberty 37, Kane and The Borderline for giving us a really cool night. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. Next up is the Pist.On tour. BRING IT ON!!!!!