I have to write todays entry backwards – that is, start at the end of the day first. Because what had been a fucking excellent day was ruined when we realised that, at the end of it all with all the stuff in the van, some guttersnipe thieving toe-rag had stolen our DAT player. The show had been played and everything put in the van, when whoever it was just walked off with it in its flight-case. I cannot believe that someone at the gig would have done this, because everyone had been so cool to us, so I choose to think that some opportunist lowlife had been walking past at the right moment. He or she is very lucky that we did not catch them in the act. We do not call the police at times like that – we deal with shit ourselves.

Anyway, apart from that, the whole day was brilliant. The Pist.On people were great to us, making some room on the stage for all of the equipment, and generally trying to be accommodating. When the doors opened there were actually kids waiting to get in, which made a change. But more than anything, when we walked onstage, there were kids at the front….. waiting for us. And they were joined throughout the set by others who came down from the back of the Garage to check us out. I cannot explain how great it feels to finally, slowly, be playing to audiences that are there for us. What with the Borderline last week and now this, I feel on top of the world. Don’t get me wrong…. this is not 10,000 screaming kids in Wembley Arena, but it seems like it to me, and we play just as hard for those people, as we would in a large capacity arena. It’s just nice to think we are playing stuff that someone out there is getting into. Those guys at the show today jumped around and loved it all, and that is all the reward I need.

Speaking to everyone after the show just confirmed to me that we had definitely made some fans tonight ( a big shout HAS to go out to Coconut Boy and Deckchair Girl for their support ) and I cant wait for the next lot of dates to come around. The rest of the evening was spent at the excellent Adrenalin Club in Berwick Street, with Burton and Jeff from Pist.On. Those guys are totally insane and we told each other how great it had been and how it should have been longer and how we needed to keep in touch. Male bonding at it’s finest! Thanks to anyone who saw Stimulator and bothered to tell me what they thought, anyone who saw us and went away happy…….and NO FUCKING THANKS to the arsehole who stole the DAT player. Pray we don’t ever find you. Until next time…..Adios Amigos.