Luton Venue 27 – April 14 1999

So here we are again. Sitting in the back of a transit van, freezing cold, totally uncomfortable and wondering exactly why we do this. The answer is, of course, because we are all insane and we actually like it. Day one of a few out-of town dates with our mates, Rachel Stamp. The whole of April is small club shows, to get out there after sitting in a studio in Los Angeles for four months, and remember what it’s like to break strings, sing through PA systems that are smaller than my Hi Fi at home, and eat motorway service station “food” all day. FANTASTIC!!

Todays show is at Venue 27 in Luton, and other than driving past the signs for Luton Airport, none of us have ever been here before. The club seems ok – at least 600 capacity, and the advance ticket sales are not promising. It obviously takes more than Rachel Stamp and Stimulator to entice the kids of Luton away from Eastenders on a wet, cold Wednesday night. Still, we are treated really well by the venue staff, and get fed and watered nicely.
The guys find a few “scouser” type wigs and terrorize the venue for a while before soundcheck.

Its obvious that we have only done two shows since September of last year, as we don’t exactly play like seasoned professionals tonight. I break two strings, and the rest of the guys kind of guess their way through an uninspired set. Not the best of Stimulator shows as far as we are concerned, although the Rachel Stamp guys seem to think it sounded tight from out front.

Highlight of the day for me was talking to Lisa, one of the clubs dancers, who apparently does rude dancing in her underwear to Abba songs on weekends. I think I will be persuading Rob, our tour manager, to visit Luton again on Friday. Low point of the day has to be breaking down at 1.30am, on the way back, and sitting on Staples Corner roundabout in North London for two hours while everyone tries to figure out how to sort it all out. Big shout to the AA for rescuing us.
All in all, a weird first day, but it can only get better……..maybe.