Show time! Our first gig in America. That is the first thought that hits me when I wake up in the hotel on Wednesday. I pull the curtains back and the most amazing view of Manhattan hits me straight in the face. The city has one of the most fantastic skylines I have ever seen, and the view from my window captures it perfectly. I get some coffee and nicotine inside me and start to re-string all the guitars. The backline and drum kit has all been hired for us but we have brought our own guitars and cymbals. So the morning is spent sorting out our stuff, and generally being chilled out. At three, the car comes to take us downtown to check out the hired equipment and the stage at the club. We are playing a place called Brownies, down on Avenue A, and when we arrive, it looks perfect. A good size stage, good monitors, the club itself is not too big, so we stand a chance of filling it up. Obviously the word has gone around, and anyone we have ever met who lives in New york has been invited to the show, along with labels, publishers, lawyers, agents, hairdressers, trash men, er………you get the point!! But however good the club is, we do not have a show without backline, and the hire company is over an hour late. And when the gear does eventually arrive, almost all of it is wrong, not what we ordered, or not even there. Stuart shouts in his phone at a few people and the missing stuff arrives in a taxi – as for the amps and kit, we just have to do what we can. It sounds odd at sound check but the people out the front tell us it sounds good, so we go with it, and get changed, ready to play.

Obviously, nerves were high, as we had to impress people tonight, but from the opening song, LIV, we played great. Loads of energy, packed into seven songs….. yes, all that way for a 25 minute set!!……and Nailed and Rush stood out tonight as the highlights. We must play Nailed more often. Anyway, it seemed to be over really quickly, and we were out, shaking hands and being congratulated on a good performance. Once the rental company had arrived and taken all the gear away, we were taken for dinner (again!….we are all fat bastards now! ) and then me and Simon went out with our mate Jim to a couple of clubs. It was amazing to play in New York, and thanks to all our friends who braved the freezing cold that night to come and see us play.