Fresh from the Borderline show, we set off on this sunny Saturday morning in good spirits, and hit the M1 (again!) Nottingham-bound in a nice, comfortable splitter van. All the equipment goes in a separate area at the back of the bus, and we can relax in aircraft seats and watch a movie on the “in flight entertainment system”, listen to CD’s on the system……(or write the tour diary on the laptop computer!!). I feel completely chilled, and start working on a new song on the laptop. Technology never fails to blow me away. The thought of being able to work out a drum loop and a bass line while driving down a motorway is still a mindfuck to me. As is the other side of the coin, which is being done for speeding without even knowing, as those big-brother cameras snap away with total impunity.

Today is the first date of the Pist.On tour, and we are all looking forward to being away from London for a week. Robert, our trusty tour manager, is looking after us, and everything is good. And then we get to Rock City. We arrive with the news that Pist.On’s tour bus is broken and therefore tomorrows show in Glasgow is doubtful, and we are staying at a friends house where there are three beds for the seven of us!! Here we go again, I think, as we haul everything out of the van and into the venue. We have a good sound-check and hang around waiting for some news on tomorrows gig.

By the time we come onstage, there are loads of kids inside and the place looks really cool and I think to myself that we will get it on tonight. How wrong could I be! Everything that could possibly break, broke. The guitars cut out constantly. We had no DAT tape for half the set. My strap fell off, for Christ’s sake!!! Honestly, it felt that nothing we did was ever going to be right. The audience were great and cheered us, even though I’m sure they could see me getting more and more pissed off by the minute. But despite all the dramas, we got through it….. even chucking in New Rose at the end. We finished playing, broke the gear down, packed the van and went off around the venue to stare at the absolutely insane amount of beautiful women dancing in the place. Pist.On had loads of problems with the venue’s system too, but played a really great set nonetheless, and we hear that Glasgow is going ahead, so it’s just about all hanging together at the moment. Rob and myself solve the sleeping problem by driving to Derby ( an hour away ) and securing a room at the Virgin Hotel at 4.00am, normally priced at £150 for £80, with breakfast in bed thrown in. Thank you very much and goodnight.