Reading Alleycat – Thusday 15 April

When the phone rings and wakes me from a mad dream about dragonflys taking over the world, I feel like I’ve been a few rounds with Mike Tyson! Its fairly obvious that I haven’t done any touring for a while. I realize how your body has to get used to three hours sleep a night and the battering it gets, both in the van and onstage. So I fall out of bed and get ready to go to Reading and do it all again. Everyone seems in a good mood, the van is fixed, and we get to the venue on time. Whats going on? Where’s the drama I’m used to? Something has to break down, surely? The boys from Rachel Stamp are soundchecking, so we set off in search of our dressing room and find it packed with sandwhiches, chocolate and crisps! By the time it’s our turn to soundcheck, we are all two stone heavier.

The sound onstage is great and I start thinking that if there is a reasonable turnout, tonights show could be really good. And as we all walk out of the venue to go and get some decent food, we see a whole bunch of people queing up to get in. Brilliant. We go on at about 9.30pm and the set tonight feels really tight. I can see a few kids jumping around and slamming each other, and the front row is all female. Just the way I like it. We play well, and the audience cheer between songs. Its pretty full tonight and it sounds like we do ok by the cheers at the end.

Highlight of the day has to be meeting Dave and P.Nutt, who are from Reading, have seen Stimulator play a few times and are a couple of our biggest fans. I spend some time with them, chatting about everything, and they are really nice, genuine people. Lowlight of the day is definately my bowl of vegitarian soup, which I had in the place that they took us to eat after soundcheck. Everyone else chose a massive plate of pasta, but I had to be different and chose “ Thai noodle soup “. Sounds ok, yes? NO!!! It was bright green, and looked and tasted like someone had cut the grass outside, and made a soup with it! Next time, I’ll go with the flow.