London Walthamstow Theatre – July 2nd

Big motorbikes, big tits, big stage……..today turned out to be a BIG day all round! We arrived on time (Rob is getting the hang of lying to us about what time we have to be anywhere) and found that an integral part of the PA had not arrived, which meant that Stimulator and Pitchshifter were left to hang around in glorious summer sunshine, in a park in East London for about three hours. Now when you have a huge bus with TV, Playstation etc etc to keep you amused, that’s not too much of a problem. And being good friends with ‘Shifter, I naturally went on their bus to watch the TV, but to my horror……….WIMBLEDON!!!!! They were watching the fucking tennis. I have had enough tennis this week to last a lifetime, so I left Jason on the bus with his head firmly stuck in the semi-finals, and went to annoy Tony, our guitar tech. What I should explain is that Tony comes to our London on his motorbike. And his bike is a massive 1100cc Kawasaki turbonutterbastard bike!! Within ten minutes, he had given me his helmet and his keys, and told me to go and play and leave him alone!! BLISS. A sunny Friday afternoon, with our crew setting up the equipment and a big motorbike to play with – I was off!! I spent a great couple of hours tooling around the area making noise and and scaring car drivers senseless, and came back to the venue to see what was going on. The kids had started to arrive, and I got talking to two girls who were there for Pitchshifter, and minutes later, I was back on the road with one of the girls on the back of the bike, clinging to my waist for dear life, and her ample chest squashed into the middle of my back! I now remember why I stopped riding bikes a few years ago – because I have no self control at all, and would kill myself for sure within a week. But riding Tony’s bike around the roads today was a buzz that I had forgotten about – thanx mate.

Oh yes – the gig. Amazing!!!! The kids were at the front from the minute we walked onstage and totally enjoyed our set. I felt calm and enjoyed myself for 40 minutes, which is a rarity with me. Im such a perfectionist, I never fail to find fault in our performance. But tonight was pure punk rock. The kids jumped on each other, got really sweaty and had a great time, and we were right there with them. For some reason, Swandive felt immense to me tonight, and I want to try and get another one-guitar song in the set, as the freedom of not having a guitar around my neck feels so cool. The stage was a nice size, and had me running from one side to the other as much as I could. A very successful evening. It goes without saying that Pitchshifter were awesome, even with Jon’s hangover. The guys are great fun, and they play fucking hard music. It was a pleasure to share a stage with them, and hang out all day. Afterwards, the vibe was relaxed and after a few autographs, we all went our separate ways, feeling like a good day had been had by all. Thank you, Walthamstow – we can’t wait to come back.