Beyond Good And Evil World Tour 2001

FALL/WINTER LEG – WITH AEROSMITH. Week Ten – St Louis, Kansas City, Dekalb and Moline (or not!)


There’s not a lot of point in detailing the first four days of this week. More problems with Mr Tyler’s throat have caused more cancellations (St. Louis and Kansas City have both been scratched) The end result is that we spend four days rattling around the mid-west of America, not knowing what’s going on. Not knowing if everything is cancelled, or if we are going to make it to the next show. Hotel after hotel, mall after mall, we drift around, waiting for the call that will tell us if we are carrying on or going back to LA. How frustrating. There is no point in boring you guys with details that, quite frankly, bored us in the first place. All we can do is wait it out, while the management frantically work to offer solutions and alternatives. With this amount of cancellations in one tour, the financial implications start to mount up. It’s not cheap to keep a band on the road at this level, and we have to make an educated business decision about what to do. All the band members can do is hang around whilst the people in the office do the math, and wait to hear from the Aerosmith people.

Meanwhile, we have our own show to do in Dekalb, Illinois, and the venue is very, very small. Kinda like the club show we played in Montreal a couple of months ago. So after all the days off, it is great to finally have a show to play, even if it is 500 people and not 15,000!!! Most of the day is spent hanging around, as usual. My search for Starbucks proves fruitless today, and I prepare to start jonesing pretty soon!! I console myself with movie after movie on the bus, until show time gets nearer. Billy and I warm up on the bus, and what is interesting is that even after just a few days without playing a show, the fingers need that much more time to warm up. It’s going to be a hot and sweaty one tonight, and as we stand behind the stage, listening to the chant of ‘Cult, Cult…..’ it feels good to be getting up on a stage again. Rise, L’il Devil and Peace Dog open it up, and after a few adjustments with the onstage sound, we settle in and play a solid, tight set. That might have something to do with not having more than six inches between each of us, and not being able to move anywhere, because the stage is so small! Whatever the reason, we play really well, and Ian sings his ass off. Even the backing vocals sound tight and in tune. True Believers and Edie both sound really good to me tonight and the audience are well into the show by the time we get to Wild Flower. The encore of War, Sun King and L.R.M. is pure shirt-off, sweaty, loud rock and roll. A good show, and we all seem happy when we get off the stage.

We get the news that the rest of the Aerosmith tour has been cancelled when we are back on the bus, and the process of deciding if we should stay out and finish our own shows begins. As I explained earlier, it costs a lot of money to stay out on the road, and when five more arena shows are just suddenly cancelled, that affects our budget in a big way. But without sounding too cheesy about the whole thing, we decide that we want to see it through to the end, so that our fans in Chicago and Detroit don’t suffer another cancellation. It means hanging about for another three days before the next show, but having discussed it for hours, everyone believes that our fans deserve to have us stay out and finish what we started, and we all want to get to Chicago and Detroit and make those shows happen. So we plan to drive to Chicago and have three days off there, and then finish the tour with those last two shows.

I will post a last tour diary next week, to tell you about Detroit and Chicago – hopefully they will finish the tour on a high note. At the time of writing this, I am in a Chicago hotel room, slowly going crazy with boredom. I’ve drunk all the coffee I can drink, smoked God knows how many cigarettes, walked up and down Michigan Avenue a hundred times, and ordered more room service than anyone has a right to!!! The only good thing that has happened was watching Oakland get through to the play-offs. I cannot wait to get onstage in Detroit – being on tour and not playing shows is a weird situation – and we all intend to give it everything we have for the last two shows. Until next week (providing I don’t go crazy)……


Billy Morrison