Beyond Good And Evil World Tour 2001

FALL/WINTER LEG – WITH AEROSMITH. Week Four – Toronto, Kitchener, Montreal, Dayton and Boston.


Hold on a second……five shows in one week?……this is starting to look like proper work!!! Yep, this week is definitely an interesting one – five shows, from a 500 capacity club, to a 20,000 seat arena, and lots going on, from waterfalls and pumpkins, to disappearing drum kits and marathon Band Of Brothers sessions!! Read on…. Our journey into Canada is relatively stress free, and after inviting what seems like the whole of the Canadian Customs and Immigration staff down to the Toronto show, we enter into the country and make our way to Niagra. We’ve decided to stop by the Falls, before driving into Toronto and checking into the hotel. I’ve gotta say that as far as waterfalls go, to quote Steve the Crocodile Hunter ……….’this one is a beauty’! It makes a nice change to go and see something that’s not a parking lot or a mall, and I try to imagine squashing myself into a wooden barrel and then sending it and me into the water and over the falls – No Way, Jose!!

Back on the bus, and we are on our way again. Now, before we left LA, some nice soul gave us ALL the Band Of Brothers TV shows on video. It’s like twenty hours of WW2 drama. And as you will be aware, we spend an awfully long time on our busses. So Mr Duffy has got into the show with a vengeance! Every time I walk into the front lounge, the screen is showing some guy with half a leg, screaming, lying in the snow, or a medic running around the forest, trying to find some morphine! We spend the rest of the journey watching more blood and carnage, and I wonder what it would have been like to be stuck in a trench, freezing cold, with an army trying to blow my head off. We think we have it bad today? Just watch some of this shit!! As you will have read in last week’s diary, two Aerosmith shows had to be cancelled, because of illness, and Toronto is the second of the two. But we have moved fast, and put in our own show, on the same day. It’s at a tiny capacity club called the El Mocambo. Which, by all accounts, is part of Canadian rock history……The Stones played there in the seventies, and it’s closing down this week, so The Cult are going to be the band that says goodbye to the club. The line for tickets when we get there for sound check, stretches round the block, and although the club is very, very small, it seems to be quite a big deal that we are playing there. TV crews turn up to do interviews with us, Billy D has already done the radio interviews, and the scalpers are trading tickets for silly money. Half of our equipment just doesn’t physically fit in the club – the desks won’t go up the stairs, and we all start to realize that this is going to be the punk rock show to end all punk rock shows….small, loud, intimate and very, very sweaty!!!

The club goes wild when we walk on to the stage and it is absolutely packed with people. There is no barrier between the audience and the band and as we kick into Rise the place goes nuts! What a great show – I don’t think any of us can hear a thing! I certainly can’t hear my vocals, and I just guess where I’m pitching, but it doesn’t matter. We give a fantastic show. Two thirds of the way through the set, Matt gets up and starts throwing bits of his drum kit away!! Cymbols and toms go flying off the side of the stage, as he gets fed up with all the drums around him, and strips it back to the basics. And then we are off again – Wild Flower sends it all crazy and Ian is just about in the audience. Sun King and L.R.M. close the show and we leave the stage absolutely covered in sweat, and completely worn out. What a great gig!!

After the show, I get given two pumpkins, that have been carved with Cult logos. And let me tell you, these things are works of art!! One has the Electric album logo and Billy and Ian from the Sonic Temple cover on it, and the other has the flames and the flower from Beyond Good And Evil on it. They must have taken days to carve in that much detail. I am totally bowled over and I tell her that they will be onstage with us tomorrow. Only one survives the drive to Kitchener – the BGAE one falls from the table during the journey (is that how Billy Corgan got his band name, I wonder?!!) but true to my word, the Electric/Sonic Temple one is on my cabinets the next night, with candle lit. Thank you so much, SSS.

Kitchener FUCKING ROCKS!!! This was a hell of a show. Completely sold out, and an audience who wanna jump around and go crazy. And we played well, too. We stay in Toronto until late, and drive to Kitchener in time for a sound check, and something to eat. Band Of Brothers is back on the VCR, but I go into the back lounge and start on my Planet Of The Apes box set DVD’s. All five of the original movies, plus a bonus ‘making of…’ disc. The two Billy’s are gonna end up brain dead soon, with all this TV action!! We warm up, the intro tape rolls, and we can hear the whole venue chanting…’Cult, Cult, Cult….’ as we walk to the stage. I think some people were upset by the enthusiasm of others, because throughout the show, there were crowd-surfing, pogoing maniacs, which looks great from the stage, but probably not from underneath some 250 pound body, being hoisted around by the rest of the audience!! I sincerely hope no one was hurt, and for what it’s worth, I loved every minute of it. The golden rule of a rock concert is ‘have fun, but don’t hurt anyone else’…..I’m sure all you Cult fans respect that rule, and will continue to have a good time at our shows. It is a very hot show, and by the time we get to Ashes and Ghosts, I’m having a hard time holding on to my pick, because of all the sweat running down my arms!! Wild Flower again gets the whole place jumping (that track has always been a crowd-pleaser) and Sanctuary just gives me shivers as I watch every hand in the place punching the air. Thanks Kitchener, it was a blast!!

It’s back to the arenas with the Montreal show, and we have a few hours to kill before we have to do a TV news interview at the venue in the afternoon. I wander around the stores, but don’t end up buying anything……I give up after failing miserably to buy an almond croissant in a bakery, where no one speaks any English, and I sure as hell don’t speak any french!! .. “Je voudrais un ….er …..one of those things……..er, mercis beaucoup?..’ Oh, fuck it, – forget it. One could starve in this town!!! Luckily, the venue has great catering, and I dine in style (well, dine in the catering room) as soon as I get there. The show itself is ok – nothing special from our point of view. We play ok, but the energy that we need from the audience just isn’t there tonight, and I don’t feel 100% either, so that affects my performance. After I come off stage, I fall asleep for a couple of hours, so that tells me I’m obviously run down, and I go back to the hotel to get some proper rest. It’s on the way back, that we hear that Dayton and Boston have been cancelled as well. This is not good. Someone must be pretty sick in the ‘smiths camp, because you don’t just cancel four arena shows without good reason. I start to fear for the rest of the tour, but I have to put that out of my mind. We are going to try and put our own show in at Boston, so at least we will have something to do. The boredom that sets in after a few unscheduled days of is mind-numbing. I set my little studio up in the hotel in Montreal, and sit down to try and make some music. I hope this all gets sorted out.

Unfortunately, we are unable to replace either of the two cancelled shows with our own club dates, and so the opening statement of this weeks tour diary is wrong……suddenly, it all becomes very boring, sitting around in Montreal, and then in Boston, with no shows to do. I could go into details about what I did, but then again, as some kind soul posted on the board last week, who wants to hear about Starbucks, computers and DVD’s!!! Ten years ago, I would have been throwing stories about of how much we all had to drink, how one of us ended up in jail, or how we all got into a massive fight in a bar. But then again……wouldn’t that get boring too? What I will tell you is that Boston is a beautiful city – the architecture is wonderful….little back streets, a Chinatown, Little Italy, and some great shopping. It’s a pity we didn’t get to do the show, but I’m sure that Aerosmith will reschedule their home town gig, and we will get to come back again. It’s all good.

That’s it for this week – cancellations and hotel rooms dominate the last seven days, so my diary probably doesn’t seem to have much substance this time. I hope most of you enjoyed reading it, and next week sees us doing two of our own shows, as well as (health permitting) three arena shows with the Aerosmith tour. Take it easy, don’t drive each other crazy on that message board, and I’ll see you next time.


Billy Morrison.